The "Lorena Baricalla Monte Carlo Russian Method" ballet, art and culture event, organised by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production takes place annually in Monte Carlo in April.

At that time, the International Exams for young ballet dancers are held before a prestigious judging panel and a Committee of Honour of international artists and well-known people. Lorena Baricalla has long been committed to involving young people in art and culture and it is her intention to favour and support their development as ballet dancers.

As a moment of meeting and artistic exchange, the event aims at conveying to the young dancers the values of art, of culture and of dance – the symbol of stamina and discipline – through positive examples. Coming from Affiliated Schools in diverse countries and cities, the event is an opportunity for comparison and interaction among the pupils.

In addition, the pupils are granted Scholarships donated by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production and the organisations, companies and firms associated with the annual exam session.

During the event, there are also art exhibitions, cultural presentations and interviews.

Press Releases

2016 Press Release



The 2018 Event of the International Ballet Exams of the “Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo de Lorena Baricalla” (“Lorena Baricalla Monte-Carlo Russian Method”) has taken place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April in the prestigious Auditorium Prince Rainier III of Monaco, home of the Philharmonic Orchestra, in the presence of leading figures from the world of dance, art and culture. The event was created in association with the Russian Cultural Centre of Monaco and was organized by PromoArt Montecarlo Production. It benefited of the support of the Monaco Government Tourism Direction. Radio Monte Carlo was media partner of the event.

The “Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo de Lorena Baricalla” – “The Lorena Baricalla Monte Carlo Russian Method”, is the result of the artistic and pedagogic experience of the international ballet star and choreographer Lorena Baricalla. It follows the Russian tradition which developed in Monte Carlo in the early 1900s, with the creation of Diaghilev’s Russian Ballets.

Monaco born, Lorena Baricalla received her diploma with top marks at the “Princess Grace” Academy in Monte Carlo with Russian Master Marika Besobrasova, with whom she continued to work after graduation. She danced the leading roles at the Monte Carlo Ballet (from  “Scheherazade” with Eric Vu An,  “Marco Spada” with Rudolf Nureyev,  to “The Prodigal Son” by Balanchine and “The Two Pigeons” with Frédéric Olivieri) and from there has made an international career spanning 35 countries around the world. Parallel to her career as a performer, Lorena Baricalla has built on her knowledge of ballet in order to fine-tune her own teaching method.

The “Method” supports young dancers and ballet schools. It offers a unique evaluation system which allows for each pupil’s positioning in the international panorama of ballet according to its 14 levels of study.

The innovative idea distinguishing the "Method" is that of having created what can be described as a "global academy" and giving all schools the opportunity of accessing an academic program based on international criteria. This develops through the master classes during the year and the yearly exams.

A selection of over 100 candidates from the 11 schools currently affiliated to the Method in Italy and France have participated at the event. Master Classes with ballet star Lorena Baricalla and the young dancers took place on the first day (21 April) while the second day (22 April) has been dedicated to the International Exams of the “Method” followed by a short show with all the participants. The ballet classes on Saturday and Sunday have been accompanied at the piano by Patricia Krawczynska and Imelda Cartwright, pianists of the Ballets of Monte-Carlo.

As a moment of meeting and artistic exchange, the event aims at conveying to the young dancers the values of art, of culture and of dance – the symbol of stamina and discipline – through positive examples. The event is an opportunity for comparison and interaction among the pupils coming from Affiliated Schools in diverse countries and cities.

Eleven scholarships, have been granted to deserving young dancers of the Affiliated Schools for the “Method” Workshop in July by: PromoArt Montecarlo Production, Fil Rouge BMG Prod, CTNT Canovas, Opportunity social network, Mesdames Laetitia Duviviez, Doune Roux and Marketa Hakkinen, the Russian Cultural Center of Monaco. Renowned brand Freed of London offered the first pair of point shoes to a little ballerina.

The Juries of the “Method” are always composed of ballet stars. Therefore, in 2016 with prima ballerina Lorena Baricalla we had Marco Pierin, principal dancer at the Scala di Milano and Randy Diamond, principal dancer at the Stuttgart Ballet. Both have been her dancing partners. In 2017 Eric Vu An, principal dancer at the Paris Opera, who was her partner at the Monte-Carlo Ballet in “Scheherazade”, and prima ballerina Luciana Savignano of the Scala di Milano. This year she will be joined on the Jury by principal dancer Jozef Varga, who is now performing in classical roles such as “Sleeping Beauty” and “Giselle” and in the modern repertoire at the Het National Ballet for the shows produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo; and the principal dancer and choreographer Toni Candeloro, guest in international companies such as the Cuba Ballet and the Zurich Opera, partner of C. Fracci, L. Savignano and A. Ferri. As well, Candeloro is a specialist of Ballet Russes repertoire and he owns one of the most important ballet-related collections that has been exhibited at the Russian Art Museum in Saint Petersburg, at the Venice Museum, at the Scala of Milano Museum, etc. Candeloro is also Artistic Director of the “Mikhail Fokine Association”.

We had the attendance of Natalia Bereza, President of the Russian Cultural Centre in Monaco and representative at this event of Her Excellency Ekaterina Semenikhina, the Honorary Russian Consul in the Principality, Alisson Irien de Augustinis, General Secretary of the Russian Cultural Centre in Monaco and His Excellency Cristiano Gallo, Italian Ambassador in the Principality of Monaco.

An Honorary Committee attended, made up of international artists and well-known figures: Marcos Marin, artist of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation; Serge Liagre, Founder of the “Villa Rosemaine” Haute Couture Vintage Collection; Marketa Hakkinen, fashion designer who has participated in the recent Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and who is the wife of the Formula1 racing driver Mikka Hakkinen; artistic agent Martial Benhamou; Fashion PR Francesca Fortini from Milano; painter Doune Roux, from Paris, wife of French singer Corbier; painter Laetitia Duviviez, from Monaco; Krissy Pesciglione-Cuni, CEO of Opportunity, the Principality of Monaco’s social network.

In the Bicentennial of his birth (1818-2018) a tribute has been made on stage to choreographer Marius Petipa, creator of the ballets of the Russian repertoire such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker. It was in fact Diaghilev, patron of the Ballets Russes of Monte Carlo, who invited Petipa to Europe, thus making his ballets well known. Toni Candeloro is the promotor of this tribute which began in January at the National Conservatory of Dance in Paris. In March it was at the Vaganova School in Saint Petersburg and at the University of Rome before coming to this Monegasque stage.

As a cultural encounter, the event also includes the exhibition over two days (21 and 22 April) of works of art and historic material:

  • “The great Russian artists … from Tchaikovsky to Nijinsky” painting and sculptures by the Brazilian artist Marcos Marin. Portraits. These works were exhibited two years ago at “Manège” at the Kremlin in Moscow and later at the Alexander Burganov Museum in Moscow. (Burganov and Marin are both artists sponsored by the Pierre Cardin Foundation.) “Diaghilev and Petipa … an exceptional bond” with historic pieces from the ballet star Toni Candeloro’s private collection, previously exhibited in Saint Petersburg.
  • “Portrait of prima ballerina Lorena Baricalla in Carmen and other paintings” by Paris-based artist Doune Roux.
  • “Views of Monte Carlo and other paintings” by Monaco artist Laetitia Duviviez.
  • “Yves Saint Laurent, master of Haute Couture,” with garments from the “Villa Rosemaine - Haute Couture Vintage” Collection by Serge Liagre. The theatre and fashion have always been firmly linked, and Saint Laurent was a close friend of the choreographer Roland Petit (for whom Liagre was his right hand) and the prima ballerina Zizi Jeanmaire, creating costumes for their shows, as did Hervé Leger and Gianni Versace. The Collection consists of costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries and Haute Couture garments by Dior, Balmain, Fath, Grès, etc, and has previously been exhibited in New York, Paris …

In addition, on the Saturday, the young ballerinas took part in “Meeting with the Artists” that have been organized with Marcos Marin and Laetitia Duviviez on the theme of Art, and with Francesca Fortini on fashion today and the bond between theatre and the great fashion designers.

An invitation-only “Cocktail” has been offered by Marcos Marin.

2017 Press Release

The "Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo by Lorena Baricalla" International Examinations of Classic Ballet took place on 24 April 2017 at the Theatre des Variétés in Monte-Carlo (preceded by a workshop on 22 and 23 April), in the presence of celebrities from the circles of dance, art and culture. The event was organised by PromoArt Montecarlo Production.

A selection of over 100 candidates from the 10 schools currently affiliated to the Method participated at the event.

With Lorena Baricalla on the judging panel were her emeritus colleagues: Eric Vu An, ballet star of the Opera of Paris - he was her partner at the Monte Carlo Ballet’s "Sheherazade", performed for the Prince of Monaco’s National Day and is now Director of the Ballet the Opera of Nice; and Luciana Savignano, ballet star of the Scala of Milano and iconic performer of Bejart.

Also present were His Excellency Cristiano Gallo, Italian Ambassador in the Principality of Monaco, and Alisson Irien de Augustinis representative at this event of Her Excellency Ekaterina Seminikhina, the Honorary Russian Consul in the Principality and Natalia Bereza, President of the Russian Cultural Centre in Monaco.

An honorary committee was present, made up of international performers and figures from the theatre and from communication: the baritone Armando Ariostini; the soprano Valeria Esposito; the sculptor, painter and concert pianist Marcos Marin which operates also for the Prince Albert Foundation; the artistic agent Martial Benhamou; the fashion designer Genesia Walle, and Krissy Presciglione-Cuni, owner of Opportunity, the new social network of the Principality of Monaco.

Radio Monte Carlo was an event partner. Consequently, Maurizio Di Maggio, a well-known broadcasting announcer, presented the institutional part of the event.

"Career Prizes" were awarded to the ballet stars Lorena Baricalla, Luciana Savignano and Eric Vu An by the National Italian Libertas Authority.

Ten scholarships, one for each affiliated school, were granted to deserving young people by PromoArt Montecarlo Production, Freed of London (the most important point shoes brand in the world), Fil Rouge BMG Prod, CTNT Isuzu and Opportunity for the Method Workshop in July. Freed Scholarship have been given to the 13yrs old Sofia Donisi of the Academy of Savona.

Marcos Marin’s portrait of Rudolf Nureyev, with whom Lorena Baricalla danced at the beginning of her career, was exhibited during the event.

Luciana Savignano presented "L’eleganza interiore" (Inner Elegance), her biography by Emanuele Burrafato.

The event ended with an evening of honour at the prestigious Crem of Monaco which hosted the stars of the judging panel and the Committee members.

2016 Press Release

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