The Lorena Baricalla Monte Carlo Russian Method does not simply represent a selection of Ballet’s technical and artistic rules. It is first and foremost a vision.

From a certain point of view, anyone can teach ballet as it is made up of codified steps. But in that case, why can’t all teachers bring their pupils to a good level?

It is the approach to teaching ballet that makes the difference.   

Hence the “Method” is a unique evaluation system which allows for the pupil’s positioning in the international panorama of ballet according to its 14 levels of study.

Affiliation to the “Method” is open to all schools which wish to follow a quality programme with their pupils, benefiting from Lorena Baricalla’s experience and an annual academic programme based on international criteria. 

The innovative idea distinguishing the "Method" is that of having created what can be described as a"global academy" and giving all schools the opportunity of accessing it. This enables them to verify which level to place their pupils at and gives the pupils a vision of the programme and the goals to aim for year after year.

The "Method" has the standards of Vision, Approach, Language, Rules, Ethics and Values.

The "Method" is a programme which takes in the pupil’s complete body-mind-spirit development in the dual identity of athlete-performer. The fine-tuned didactic method offers a learning process and stages of regular progress which allow the pupil to move forward to more advanced levels.

The "Method" can carry the pupil to a professional level or to a top quality amateur level.

The brand represents prestige, competence and quality and adds distinction to the affiliated schools.

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